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Charlie Sheen has been all over the news lately.   I have seen comments from my friends on face book.  "How sad", "What a jerk", etc...But as I watched his interview this past Wed night, my heart broke.  I saw a hurting lost soul in need of a savior.

People question God.  They question good and evil.  They say evil doesn't exist.  But when I look at Charlie, and listen to him talk, I see a soul lost in sin.  I see a man overcome with darkness.  What lead to his down fall, to his decline?  SELF!  He is so self absorbed, he doesn't understand truth, or love, or any type of good.  His world is upside down; what is wrong is right, what is dark is light, what is destructive is helpful, and on and on.  Satan deceives us.  He twists the truth, and the more we listen, the more he tells us what is "good", and it is all lies.

Whenever I want to quit the ministry, I think of people like Charlie Sheen.  The cry of people like him keeps me going; keeps my moving forward, no matter what the cost.  

There is no "self-help".  You got you into this mess, you can't get you out.  The only truly heart changing, mind-clearing, scar healing, life restoring power is the power of the redeeming love of God through Christ Jesus.   I pray that Charlie repents and accepts this love before it is too late. 


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